Kindoms and Kinship

Annelies Egli 3D work, Plants and Animals, Salvage, Text

I am part borrowing the title ‘Kindoms and Kinship’ from the title of an exhibition curated by  Patricia Brien in 2018 called KINdoms. Her introduction to the exhibition best describes the group of works in this category. Her statement in full can  be found below. The pieces below were on show in a variety of shows A Place called Home … Read More

To the letter

Annelies Egli 3D work, Text, Text/iles

A Lifetime of Work A Fringe Arts Bath exhibition in honour of Adrian Frutiger, an influential Swiss typographer (1928-2015) whose fonts live on the world over in many airport and on motorway signs . Adrian Frutiger seems to have a common ancestor with me by the name of Jakob Frutiger – both from Unterseen near Interlaken in Switzerland. The needlework … Read More